Service & Repair

Planned maintenance is the most effective way to minimise the risk of failure in expensive air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.

With many sites now relying on air conditioning to keep their comms rooms and data centres cool throughout the year, the result of failure can be catastrophic.

Electro-Freeze Ltd are able to offer a fully comprehensive maintenance contract, which allows for two services per year and the labour content for involuntary stoppages (repairs to be carried out in normal working hours).  Any parts required will be charged at our current list price.  

Alternatively we can offer a service contract, which allows for two services per year but does not cover involuntary stoppages.  Any parts required will be charged at our current list price.  

The work to be carried out during a maintenance or service would be as follows:

  1. Careful examination of equipment under operational conditions.
  2. Inspect automatic control mechanisms and adjust if necessary.
  3. Remove and clean air filters.
  4. Clean condenser if necessary.
  5. Clean evaporator if necessary.
  6. Check all accessible wiring by cleaning and visible inspection, check all terminals for tightness. Test complete electrical systems for insulation to earth.
  7. Check and oil fan motors if necessary.
  8. Check fresh air exhaust dampers.
  9. Check and level equipment mountings if necessary.
  10. Check and clean condensate drain.
  11. Check and adjust, as necessary, the water supply, solenoid valves etc on water cooled units.
  12. Check heaters or reverse cycle valve, if fitted, for operation.
  13. Check oil and refrigerant levels as necessary and examine pipe work for leaks.

If the equipment is regularly maintained you will get better durability and efficiency from the equipment.